BellyBanditWe are stockists for BellyBandit – A stylish range of belly and bump support bands. They provide immediate relief for your back and support your growing baby bump making it easier to increase your range of motion and daily activity throughout your pregnancy.

milton miniWe stock Milton Mini portable sterilisers enabling you to clean & sterilise your baby’s soother on the go.

Thinking of holding a Baby shower? Look no further, we have everything you need from invitations, banners and birth prediction cards to gifts and thank you cards.

We are a distributor for NuSkin, we stock an ethically sourced and natural mother and baby range, including body butter, baby shampoo, hand sanitiser and face and body mud mask – great for everything from reducing stretch marks to relieving ezcema.

Amniosense is a unique tester liner with an embedded detector strip. It is easy to use and shows whether an amniotic fluid leak is likely to have occurred. Leaking amniotic fluid can increase the risk of infection to both mother and baby. Early detection can help to prevent complications by confirming that you are experiencing leaking of amniotic fluid.

Amniosense is recommended from 36 weeks, however, if you feel wetness earlier in your pregnancy there is no reason why the liners cannot be used.