Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a letter from my Doctor or midwife to book an appointment?
Absolutely not, but, when choosing a clinic, it’s important to choose one like ours, that has highly qualified  NHS sonographers that have many years’ experience in Obstetric Ultrasound.
How safe is ultrasound?
All scans are performed by fully qualified and accredited health professionals using equipment in accordance with manufacturers guidelines. Ultrasound is widely recognised as a useful tool when used prudently by qualified professionals. There is no evidence to date that diagnostic ultrasound has produced harm to patients, since its first use in the 1950’s.
Why should I choose a private ultrasound scan?
Many people choose a private ultrasound for flexibility of appointments, often at short notice ie evening and weekends to ensure that partners and family members are available to attend and to enhance the overall experience.
What should I expect when I arrive for an appointment?
We would request that you arrive at least 5 mins before your scheduled appointment. You will be greeted by one of our team who will confirm the type of scan you wish to have and ask you to sign the relevant paperwork. Payments and balances are taken once you have signed the paperwork and just before your scan.
What will I be able to see during my scan?
Throughout your scan, our highly trained sonographers will talk you through everything, pointing out various features of your baby. Sometimes, the Sonographer may require you to change position in order to get a better view of your baby.
Can I bring anyone into the scan room with me?
We understand that you may want to bring partners and family members. Our scanning room will comfortably accommodate 4 guests.
What if the Sonographer has a concern about my pregnancy?
If your Sonographer identifies any concerns with your pregnancy, with your permission, we will engage our referral pathway to your associated hospital.
Will my results be confidential?
Yes, your images will not be used or shared with anyone other than yourself.