Baby Facilities

Baby Facilities

Mother and Baby facilities are available. If you would like to breast feed in private please ask a member of staff. Baby changing facilities are also available.
NHS Trained

NHS Trained

Our NHS trained and highly experienced sonographers will capture magical images and video footage of your baby’s face and expressions whilst in the comfort of the womb.
Resident Midwife

Resident Midwife

Our Resident Midwife can provide support, care and advice during your pregnancy, labour and for the first few weeks after your baby's birth.
Disabled Facilities

Disabled Facilities

At Preview Baby we take the needs and equal treatment of all our clients extremely seriously. We have invested heavily in this area and are committed to ensuring our facilities are accessible to all.

HD Live Ultrasound

At Preview Baby, we offer a wide range of pregnancy scans, using cutting edge technology. We use GE’s HD live so we can capture beautiful images of your baby in real time.

hd live

Ultrasounds with 3D/4D imaging have been around for years, but GE’s HD live ultrasound technology uses a unique and moveable light source inside the probe that not only provides both 3D and 4D imaging, but “lights up” the baby, making it possible for soon-to-be-parents to see the facial expressions of their child, and even watch their baby yawn, wink and smile.

A HD live ultrasound provides impeccable views of your baby by providing better depth perception. We can change the position of the light and more clearly see the baby’s lips, nose and eye lids.

2D Ultrasound 3D Ultrasound 4D HD Live Ultrasound
2d ultrasound 3d ultrasounds hd live ultrasounds

Why Choose Preview Baby?

  • We are based in Hermitage Road, right in the heart of Hitchin in Hertfordshire, perfectly positioned to serve Herts, Beds & Bucks with excellent transport links to London.
  • We provide a wide range of 2D, 3D and 4D HD live pregnancy scans, with prices starting as little as £35.
  • We offer NiPT (Harmony) Screening test.
  • We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
  • We pride ourselves on excellent client care.

Group B Strep

gold standard ECM testGroup B Streptococcus (GBS) is the most common cause of life threatening infections in new born babies in the UK. Despite this, the NHS does not routinely test for GBS. Babies can be exposed to GBS shortly before or during birth. Testing for GBS should be undertaken between 35 & 37 weeks of pregnancy. You can pick up a home test kit for GBS at our Hermitage Road premises. Alternatively, you can visit our dedicated website:

Leading up to the Birth

womanAt Preview Baby we provide classes in KG Hypnobirthing to expectant couples in the comfort of our Hermitage Road premises. The practice of hypnobirthing helps you to work with your body, remove fear through relaxation and prepare you to deliver your baby.

Shop Maternity

Shop MaternityThrough research with expectant parents, we have worked extensively with suppliers to offer a range of products for the expectant mother and newborn.

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